Virginia Tech football seat selection under way

Brad Wurthman, the Virginia Tech Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Operations, has announced that the football season ticket reseating process began Monday, June 1, and will continue through June 29.

This week, Wurthman shared with Hokies fans the following updated information about the reseating process and contingency plans for the 2020 football season.

Reseating process:

1) is the central hub for all relevant information.

2) Seat selections began on June 1 and will end on June 29.

3) Each season ticket holder will receive multiple email notifications before their selection appointment and after their appointment if they have not completed the selection.

4) Certain seats are unavailable for selection and are reserved for multiple groups that we have to account for in Lane Stadium including, but not limited to, families of student-athletes, corporate partners, predetermined contracts, campus administrative needs, recruits, ADA seating, etc.

5) If you are planning to “group seat” or “group park,” we encourage you to review the process at so you are fully aware of how that can happen.

6) Leaving single seats is not permitted during the seat selection process. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

7) In an effort to comply with current Virginia Tech policies, all seat selections will need to be handled online or over the phone. Here is the contact information:

Ticket Office, call at (540) 231-6731 or 1-800-828-3244; Email at; text at (540) 231-6731;

Hokie Club, call at (540) 231-6618; Email at; text at (540) 231-6618

For live chats, click on the “Let’s Chat” pop up that lives on

Contingency plans for the 2020 football season:

The seat selection process that started on Monday is not built for a “socially distanced” Lane Stadium, so please select your seats as if there are no restrictions within Lane Stadium. As soon as we have clarity, we will share it with all of you.

We will not be on sale with additional ticket packages (other than season tickets) until we know what the fall football season will look like.

In the event we are unable to have Lane Stadium at full capacity, season ticket holders and Hokie Club donors will have priority access to tickets and, depending on capacity percentages, it is unlikely that tickets will be made available to the general public.

Finally, the vast majority of our team will be working remotely during this process and will be doing everything possible to make your seat selection experience wonderful. Please have patience with us as we work through the first-ever completely remote seat selection process in Virginia Tech football history. If you would like additional assistance or have any concerns, please connect with us at any of the resources listed above (phone, email, text) and we will work with you to solve every challenge together.

Thank you for your support of Hokies student-athletes. We have over 17,000 members in the Hokie Club, an all-time high, and we are truly humbled by the continued generosity of Hokies. We, like all of you, are looking forward to being able to come together in Lane Stadium on September 5 and start jumping when the first note of “Enter Sandman” is played.

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