Radford Land Transfers: October

The following land transfers were recorded in the Radford Circuit Courthouse in October. The names of only one seller and one buyer are listed; there may be others.

• Donald E. Simpson to Marlene D. Morrison, lot, Fairgrounds, $119,600

• A&D Management to VRAJ Real Estate, no description listed, $369,000

• Fannie Mae to Keith A. Marretta, lot, $35,400

• Vertie F. Hawkins to April D. Martin, lot, $62,000

• Linda Frank to Eric P. Andreucci, lot, $135,000

• Steven M. Light, Executor, to Judy B. Jenks, 2.634 acres, $45,000

• Nellie S. Boggess to Paul D. Wyatt, 2 lots, $245,000

• Joseph Turner to Alice Davis, no description listed, $99,900

• Timothy C. Johnson to Heather Governor, 6 lots, Grand View Heights, $115,000

• James T. Fisher to Nicholas P. West, lot, $173,018

• Sharon C. Hatfield to Danny L. Martin, lot, $136,200

• John F. Carper Living Trust to SOVA Development, 3 lots, $37,500

• David G. Wiley to Jonathan D. Wiley, unit, Randolph Villa Condominiums, $98,000

• James Elliott to Joseph Ashby, lot, $3,700

• James Elliott to Joseph Ashby, 0.25 acre, $13,300

• W. David Chumbley Jr. to Valerie J. Bell, no description listed, $212,000

• Davis Family Properties to Jeffrey D. Cumberland, 4 lots, $133,800

• Shah Development to Elija E. Collins, lot, Summit Ridge, $192,450

• The Bank of New York Mellon to Christopher G. Carwile, 2 lots, 457,000

• Sharon G. Smith to Judith H. Quesenberry, 3 parcels, 4118,000

• Toni C. Wright-Franklin to Douglas R. Franklin Jr., 7 lots, $166,800

• Rebecca Y. Moore to Joseph D. Vance, 1.01 acres, $213,000

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