Potter in the Park Race to support adult literacy

Literacy Volunteers of the NRV is Calling all wizards of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin to fly in for the Third Annual Triwizard Tri-Mile Race to benefit its adult and family literacy programs. This year’s event will be “as invisible as the Invisible Book of Invisibility” in the name of social distancing.

“Join us for Potter in the Virtual Park,” says the LVNRV. “Between July 31 (Harry’s birthday) and August 29 (Hogwarts move-in day), muggles, wizards and four-legged/one-headed beasts will run or walk three miles through the wizarding world (wizarding wear mandatory) with the option to choose between two journeys:

The Invisibility Cloak Quest: Follow your own path through the wizarding world and race three miles your way – your pace, your space, wherever and whenever you choose. Beware of invisible dementors and beasts.

The Marauder’s Map Challenge: Venture into the Forbidden Forest of Bisset Park in Radford and use a map and clues to complete the three-mile course and find the seven Horcruxes to defeat He Who Must Not Be Named. Solve Tom Riddle’s riddles to decode the secret message.

The Potter in the Virtual Park event will feature costume contests for adults, youth, and pets, age group awards, “floo network” prizes, quilt raffle, a house competition, and lots of magical swag and fun for all.

Enroll by Hogwarts house and find more information at www.lvnrv.org/potterinthepark.

Racers will submit their three-mile times and photos to an online form. Registration will remain

open until noon on Aug. 29.

“We solemnly swear we are up to so much good,” said LVNRV executive director Linda Jilk. “Your support will help us win the battle against illiteracy. Accio literacy!”

LVNRV is a United Way partner agency that provides adults with free instruction in reading, writing, basic math, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), basic computer skills and preparation for exams such as the GED. LVNRV also offers family literacy programs to help adults learn to read with their children and help them succeed in school.

According to LVNRV there are approximately 13,000 adults in the New River Valley who do not have a high school diploma/equivalency and 6,000 have less than a ninth grade education. A total of 23,000 adults struggle with basic reading.

Register for the Triwizard Tri-Mile Trail Race at www.lvnrv.org/potterinthepark. For more information, call (540) 382-7262 or send an “owl” to info@lvnrv.org. Follow www.facebook.com/LVNRV/ for race updates.

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