Christiansburg Aquatic Center re-opened after maintenance closure

CHRISTIANSBURG – The Christiansburg Aquatic Center (CAC) is reopened after its annual maintenance closure wrapped up on Aug. 28.

“The CAC shuts down for two weeks each August to perform maintenance that cannot be done while remaining open to the public,” reads an announcement from the CAC. “This maintenance keeps our facility top notch.”

Maintenance projects completed include:

The leisure and therapy pools were drained, cleaned and filled.

Support brackets in the bulkhead and gutters were welded.

Locker rooms were given a refresh of paint and an anti-slip product was put down on the floors.

Prior to shut down many of the lights were out in both pool areas, those bulbs have been replaced. Since replacement of those bulbs requires an 80’ lift, it is difficult to schedule during business hours.

All tile floors on the upper level have been stripped and waxed.

Interior/exterior windows were cleaned.

Air grates were removed and cleaned.

Yellow stripping on the outdoor curb was re-painted and the parking lots were cleaned.

The upper glass pane window on the leisure pool side was replaced.