Belle Heth launches Ambassadors leadership program

By Belle Heth students Olivia, Lily B, Camille and Daphne

This is the first year Belle Heth Elementary School is having Ambassadors. Once an Ambassador, you become a House Leader. Fifth and sixth graders were eligible to apply for this task.

Belle Heth Elementary School has launched an Ambassadors leadership program. Pictured: Luke Gaither, Lillee Linkous, Lily Brunner, Daphne Vaughn, Lisandro Alvarado, Essiq Williams, Camille Hidalgo, Reece Honaker, Oscar Luis-Martinez, Lydia Pratt, Lorelei Collier, Vivi Fox, Kalee Aiken, Luci Pugliese, CJ Russell, Olivia Close and Abigail Castleberry.

Some of the expectations of being an ambassador are being responsible and being able to represent yourself to other people in a positive way. Students have to get into the ambassador program by getting two student recommendations, two teacher recommendations, parent permission, good grades, and a one page essay explaining why you should be picked to be in this prestigious program. We also had to be interviewed by teachers and principals.

The expectations of a Belle Heth Ambassador include attending school every day on time, model positive behavior, model SPECIAL (shake hands, posture, eye contact, introduce themselves, ask a question, and lean in and listen), greet students and staff, assist on school tours, WHBE announcements (create school videos), school store, box tops, and represent Belle Heth Elementary. Being a part of this program is a giant responsibility to everyone in it.