Christiansburg man killed in police shootout


CHRISTIANSBURG — A 41-year-old Christiansburg man was shot and killed near Cambria Baptist Church as police attempted to serve an arrest warrant at his home.

Robert Hughes

Robert Kevin Hughes, who resided in a trailer in the 900 block of Ridgeway Drive, was at his home when officers from the Christiansburg Police Department and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, in a joint effort, approached the home.

According to a release from the Virginia State Police and Sergeant Robert Carpentieri, the agency investigating the shooting, Hughes ran out of his residence in an attempt to flee.  He was carrying what Carpentieri verified was a handgun, and opened fire on police, who responded in kind.

Hughes tried to escape on a four-wheeler into a wooded area behind the residence, but was hit by a bullet during the exchange of gunfire with police. He was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel.

This was not the first attempt to serve the warrant to Hughes — an attempt was made last week at the same location. One witness said during that attempt Hughes also boarded the four-wheeler and that time managed to get away, although it was not clear if it was the same four-wheeler nor the direction Hughes took off on it.

Hughes is no stranger to run-ins with the law. He has a history of drug and driving under the influence convictions around the area, dating back to 1998, where he served 20 days in jail for failure to appear on a petit larceny charge. He served three months for possession of cocaine and probation violation in 2002. Two years later he spent a year in prison for another probation violation. Five years ago he spent nine months behind bars for his fourth DUI conviction.

The state police investigation is ongoing. No officers were hurt during the firefight.

By Aaron Atkins