Women’s Resource Center reports successful Healthy Relationships Week at RHS


RADFORD – Each year, the Women’s Resource Center of the New River Valley (WRC) conducts a Healthy Relationships Week at Radford High School, designed to teach students about consent and other relationship issues.

Ashley Hash from Carilion Clinic asks students questions after they spin the Healthy Relationships Wheel and gives them prizes.

The event was recently held at RHS, complete with games, videos, raffles and more, teaching students about subjects like boundaries, consent and helping friends.

“Radford City Public Schools places a huge emphasis on positive, healthy relationships and that is one of the primary reasons we, in partnership with the Women’s Resource Center and other businesses and organizations, schedule Healthy Relationship Week at Radford High,” said Superintendent Rob Graham in a previous interview about the program. “This is important to us because we know that when students, staff and school community members feel happy, cared for and loved, our students have a greater chance at high achievement and success in multiple areas of learning.”

“I believe one of [RCPS] greatest strengths is creating cultures and environments in our schools that are welcoming, inviting, nurturing and respectful,” he continued.

The school system, Women’s Resource Center and the Radford Youth Adult Partnership (RYAP) teams up “to promote building healthy relationships grounded in respect, equality, honesty, communication, and trust,” according to the WRC.