National survey to gauge leadership trends by women in agriculture


Nearly 20 percent of Virginia farmers are women according to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consume Services, but the American Farm Bureau seeks to more fully understand their role in community and industry leadership.

In an announcement, the AFBF encourages Virginia women involved in agriculture to participate in the “Women in Ag” online survey to assess their goals and achievements in the industry.

Women who are farmers, ranchers, farm employees, employed in agricultural businesses, pursuing ag-related higher education or supporting agriculture in other ways are invited to participate in the online survey.

Respondents must be U.S. residents but are not required to be Farm Bureau members.

“It is vital that women in agriculture take advantage of this opportunity to have their voices heard and thoughts captured,” said Roanoke County Farm Bureau President Dr. Megan Seibel, who also serves as director of Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results, an ag. leadership training effort.

“A diverse and robust demographic, women offer a dynamic perspective on industry leadership and decision making that needs to be shared and fostered.”

Data collected will be used to gauge trends related to achievements of women in agriculture, including leadership positions, business successes and election to public office. Findings are scheduled for release this fall and will be combined with findings from a similar survey conducted in 2014.

Participants will be entered in a drawing for five $100 gift cards after the survey closes on June 21.

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