Two incumbents choose not to run for school board re-election


Heather Bell

RADFORD – Two incumbent Radford City School Board members will not be seeking re-election this May, they announced Tuesday.

Adam DeVries and Joe Hester each announced at Tuesday’s school board meeting they will not be running for another four-year term. The two seats were the only open seats available on the five-member board.

“When I got on the board one of the priorities was to make sure Radford city schools met all state and federal accreditation benchmarks,”said DeVries on Friday. “That has been accomplished. In addition, my work increasingly takes me out of town so I couldn’t commit to another four-year term.”

Hester said he has enjoyed his time on the board but has a “bucket list” of other things he wouldlike to experience.

“My term ends June 30 and I have decided not to run again,” Hester said on Friday. “When you get to be my age , you do develop a “bucket list” as such, not only of places to go or visit, but things to get done as regards to my family life and my spiritual life , as well as a host of other things that need to be completed, and I just feel that right now my time needs to be devoted to these.”

“Maybe sometime down the road I may choose to run again,” he added. “I have enjoyed my time on the board and feel like I have helped to accomplish a great deal over the last four years. The school system is in great shape and we have an excellent leadership team on board as well as a terrific faculty and an outstanding support staff. Plans are well under way to renovate MES and all schools are fully accredited. RCPS is being recognized repeatedly as a system of innovation and excellence. We have much to be proud of in RCPS.”

Hester said he hopes to See Radford citizens step up to the plate to run for a seat on the school board.

“My concern is that there will be two school board seats open this spring and to my knowledge there has been only one person who has picked up paperwork to get on the ballot for the May election,” he said. “In order to get on the ballot, candidates must collect 125 signatures on their petitions and turn them in not later than March 3rd. So now is the time potential candidates must make their decisions. Serving on the school board is a wonderful opportunity to serve our community and make a difference in the lives of our children . So I would encourage anyone who would want to help make a difference to consider running.”