Radford Land Transfers


The following land transfers were recorded in the Montgomery County Courthouse in April. The names of only one seller and one buyer are listed; there may be others.

  • Lewis R. Sheckler to Radford Improvements, Grand View Drive, $135,000
  • John L. Presgraves to Marie Presgraves Nichols, 1/36th interest in lot, $2,392
  • Countryside construction to JW Radford Contracting, 3 lots, RWELCO, $35,000
  • Gary W. Parker to Sean M. Stefaniak, lot, Ridgefield, $310,000
  • Mary E. Keane to JW Radford Contracting, 3 lots, REWELCO, $11,000
  • Amy N. Neuhs to Caroline Sebean, lot, Woodlawn, $155,000
  • Stephan G. McMurray to RFS, LLC, no description listed, $42,727.51
  • Central Depot to Gloria Berlinski, condo unit, $84,900
  • Susan O. Turner to Mary K. Hite, unit, Cedar Ridge Condos, $100,000
  • Michael P. Marshall to Katherne S. Lynde, no description listed, $68,000
  • Wallace Brown to Lucinda Caldwell, no description listed, $80,000
  • Shirley B. Miller to Rahul Ramsinghani, lot, College Park Townhomes, $173,000
  • Cindy P. Carnell to Marie P. Nichols, 1/36th interest in lot, $2,392
  • Cecil Presgraves to Marie P Nichols, 1/36th interest in lot, $2,392
  • Scott D. Willey to William R.C. Henry, lot, $163,000
  • William F. Crigler Jr. to Lucas Nash, 2 lots, RLICO, $200,500
  • Kevin W. Poston to Chandler A. Jones, lot, Homeplace, $240,000
  • Megan D. Jones to Susan L. Schopperlrey, lot, Forest Park, $189,900
  • Pradeepa A. Ganhewa to Renee Hidalgo, no description listed, $132,000