Thank you Bobcats!


Dear Editor,

Thank you Bobcats!

After the excitement of the recent basketball state championship win in Richmond had worn off a bit, Tommy and I bemoaned the fact that this would be the last time we would ever see this special team play together. A perfect undefeated season capped off by a dominating state championship! Wow!

And add to this, a one loss season the year before. Surely this is one for the history books of Radford sports! Congratulations to all the coaches and players!

Tommy and I have really enjoyed traveling around the state these last few months not only watching both the boys and girls basketball teams, but also the girls volleyball team (State Champs) and the football team (Region Champs). We have also had great teams and great wins in cross country, swimming, wrestling, and golf. We here in Radford are truly blessed to have a wonderful sports program all around!

We were also especially proud of the classy way all our teams played and the sportsmanship they always displayed and we were glad to hear Coach Cormany describe the basketball team this way: “They are all good players, but they are better people”. Winning isn’t everything, but how you play the game is also important, be it on the court or in life.

Anyway, to all the Bobcats of RHS, thank you for all the fun and excitement of watching your games, thank you for all the fun trips we made to see you play, thank you for all the opportunities we had to see old friends at your games, and thank you for all the hotdogs and bags and bags of popcorn we consumed along the way! So thanks for the good times and thanks for the memories we all will share.

And lastly, thanks to Rob Graham, Superintendent of Schools, Principal Jeff Smith, Athletic Director Greg Wade, and all the coaches, boosters, and supporters that make all this happen!
Now let’s all get out and support Spring sports!

Tommy Meredith and Joe Hester
Big time Bobcat fans