CHS observes ‘Rev Your Bev’ Day

In whatever way CHS students may like it, water will be the beverage of choice at Rev Your Bev Day.

Christiansburg High School’s Y-Street will join similar clubs across the state to celebrate the eighth annual Rev Your Bev Day today, Nov. 13. Y Street is a high school job that works to promote a healthier Virginia.

Rev Your Bev Day is an initiative to raise awareness about the incredible health benefits provided by making water the number-one beverage of choice.

Since 2013, Rev Your Bev Day events have taken place around the Commonwealth to change the way Virginians think about what they drink.  Rev Your Bev Day provides adults and children alike with strategies to incorporate more water into their daily life, enabling them to make informed choices about their health, and encouraging them to make a splash!

“Our students look forward to this event every year,” said Y Street’s advisor, Kim Mills. “They are eager to try different types of infused water and carbonated waters.  A lot of students make changes in the beverage habits after the information they gain at this event.”

Rev Your Bev Day activities aim to educate participants about the health benefits of drinking more water and to spread the word that water is always the healthiest choice.