Radford Photo Club showcases Faces


RADFORD – The Radford Photo Club’s theme for October was “Faces,”and the results brought together faces of people, pets and more.

“Charles Good placed first in the theme category with his photo of a young boy in Mathare Village in Nairobi,”said Club Member Joyce Sims.

Second place in the faces category was Tracy Burlingame’s photo of her dog. Winners are chosen by their fellow club members.

Each month, in addition to the theme category, the club members choose two top photos unrelated to the theme. For October, Joyce Sims placed first in the open theme category with her photo of a bachelor button flower.

“Second place in the open theme category was Tracy Burlingame’s photo of a young lady in a striking blue dress at Cascade Falls,” said Sims.

The Radford Photo Club will meet at the Radford Public Library on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 6 p.m. The theme will be “Thankful.”