Radford May Deeds


The following land transfers were recorded in the Radford Courthouse in May. The names of only one seller and one buyer are listed; there may be others.

  • Travis M. Price to Andrew W. Szerokman, lot, Summit Improvement, $143,000
  • RADVA Corp. to Huntington Foam, LLC, metes and bounds, $3,702,200
  • Richard L. Nease to Joshua Lee Porter, 6 lots, $113,500
  • Richard Mitchell to Ellaine V. Wilson, 0.311-acre lot, $179,000
  • James M. Blackburn Jr. to Jason I. Bachara, lot, Victoria Manor Townhomes, $147,000
  • Mark D. Whiting to Brendan P. Howard, 0.351 acres, $160,000
  • Devin Shorter to William Zawadski, lot, Windstream Timber Townhouses, $145,745
  • Mary Jane Dunvord to RFS, LLC, 3 lots, $35,725
  • HK Development to Amanda D. East, 5 lots, West Ward, $125,450
  • Ricky T. Dickens to William B. Thomas, lot, $206,400
  • Evan S. McManus to Stephen D. Shrader, 2 parcels, $135,000
  • Carl S. Rigney to Jason A. Gwinn, lot, Forest Park, $200,000
  • Bryan C. Sherman to Bobby Branch, lot, Forest Park, $156,500
  • Travis R. Coake to Jeffrey A. Revin, 0.517 acre, $229,000