Radford haunted tour raises funds for preservation society


Some of the volunteers from the event stand on the staircase at Ingles Castle. Pictured (left to right): Dan Leary, Randy Kirchner, Tyler McDaniel, Riley McNaron, Brendon Glover, Kayela Brown, Andrew Jaeger, Marissa Schacht, Joshua Berkeley, Will Akridge, Kaitlyn Mueller, Carl Buck, Shu Pan.

The newly founded Virginia Tech Historic Preservation Society has organized and carried out a successful fundraiser to help them bring in speakers that are open to the public as well as help offset costs for trips.

The fundraiser, entitled Myths, Mysteries & Spirits; A Haunted Tour of Radford, started with a captivating presentation by Scott Gardner, centered on the transformation of funerary customs from the Victorian Era to today as well as the haunting fear at that time of being buried alive. Guests then boarded a provided by Radford City Public Schools to be taken around Radford to hear many of the local legends and supposed hauntings connected to some of the local historic houses from Mistress May Hem. 

At the end of the route, the bus pulled up to Ingles Castle and guests were led up the drive by the butler. Inside, a cast of characters portraying some of those who had previously inhabited the house, gave a tour of the first and second floor of the castle. Guests were also able to see the infamous Lady in the Mirror, still emblazoned over the mantle. The VT Historic Preservation Society hopes to make this an annual or biennial event. To keep up with the organization, follow them on Facebook @vtpreservation. Speakers that are brought in throughout the year will be open to the public and posted online.

Tyler William McDaniel