Pets of the Week

If you’re looking for a sweet, loving kitty, little miss Pasta may be your purrfect match! Pasta was a young mama and all of her kittens found homes. It’s now her turn! She was guarded over her babies but it is likely from trying to protect them. These days, affection is her greatest treat. She will gladly follow her favorite humans around the room and take pets and nuzzles from them. Stop by to meet Pasta and she may fill your heart.
While they look like they could be brothers, Noir and Scotty are not related–unless you count their friendly personalities. They are a special pair, though. Both are FIV+ and would need to live in a home with FIV+ cats or no other cats. Scotty also does well with dogs. These boys have been residents at the Center for a few months, and they currently room together in a cat community room. They would love a visit from their future families!