Pets of the Week


Baby Kitty isn’t so much of a baby now–she’s a two year-old mom, and all her kittens have been adopted. She is a sweet girl who melts in your hands as you pet her. She can be shy but as soon as you show her love, she’ll never leave. Baby Kitty wants to follow in the footsteps of her little kittens and find a home. Look deep into her eyes and you’ll soon find you can’t leave the Animal Care and Adoption Center without her.
Who’s a good boy? Presley is! Presley is three years young and is looking for a best friend. He is easily excited when any commotion arises and may be talkative but can be calmed with the comfort of his best bud. Presley gets along well with other animals and is housetrained. Apartment living would not be suitable for him. Come by the Animal Care and Adoption Center to tell Presley how much of a good boy he is!