Pet oxygen mask kits donated to area fire stations


VA PAWS,a local animal advocacy group, made a donation recently to assist companion animals involved in fires.

This week, 30 Pet Oxygen Mask kits were donated to local fire stations on behalf of  VA PAWS.  Each kit contained three different size masks, three oxygen air tubes, one backpack style carry bag, one pet rescue notice form, two “Pet Oxygen Mask on Board” decals, two Animal Incident Report forms and a kennel lead. A PowerPoint training video and portable printed instructions were also included, making it as easy as possible for firefighting personnel to utilize the masks to quickly save pet’s lives.

“Our overall goal is to have pet oxygen masks on every fire arms vehicle in as wide an area as possible,” said a statement by the organization.

VA PAWS initial donation of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits included each of the fire departments/stations within Montgomery County, Floyd County and the City of Radford. Future donations will enable us to purchase kits for other departments in the New River Valley, Roanoke Valley and beyond. Tax deductible donations by check may be mailed to VA PAWS, P. O. Box 354, Floyd, VA  24091. Indicate “Pet O2 masks” on your check and note if you wish your donation to be for a specific fire department.