NRV Business Center tenant profile – Emisshield


The NRV Business Center is proud to host production facilities of Emisshield Incorporated, a producer of ceramic nanoparticle materials that improve the efficiency of heat radiation and absorption in a variety of industrial applications.

The technology was originally developed by NASA as a heat shield for the X-33 Space Plane Program and licensed to Emisshield in 2001, which conducted research and development to modify the product for commercial use in industrial applications.

Emisshield has customers worldwide in a variety of sectors which use high-heat industrial processes, from power generation and metal production, to kilns, glassmaking and commercial baking. Applying Emisshield Systems to furnaces, ovens, boilers, and kilns improves the consistency and efficiency of heat radiation in these high temperature industrial processes, helping customers to increase production and decrease fuel use. For more information about Emisshield’s industrial applications, visit their website at:

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