Law officers play cowboys in three-day cattle roundup

Photo courtesy of Jordan Metzgar
One of 14 calves found his way through downtown Christiansburg and ended up at Kiwanis Field off Roanoke Street near the Montgomery County administration building.

By Marty Gordon

A police chase in Christiansburg was very moooo-ving this past week, stretching over several days and over eight miles. The chase caused traffic backups, a minor accident on Interstate 81 and interesting bystanders stopping and taking photos.

Law enforcement had their hands full and called in the Montgomery County sheriff’s office and animal control officers to assist in the chase. The first call into the NRV regional 911 system came mid-day Thursday and continued through Saturday. Additional calls were even received on Sunday.

Onlookers were wondering what all the fuss was about.

Some time ago, there was “Houdini” goat that was romping around the town. This past week, the town became an “old west” scene with as many as 14 black calves roaming the streets.

The Christiansburg police spent several days answering 911 calls about cows walking down Main Street or visiting the Kroger on North Franklin Street. One animal even decided to take up baseball and romped around the grass of Kiwanis Field off Roanoke Street. Bystanders were able to shut a gate and keep him corralled for authorities.

As of Monday, authorities did not know the owner or where the calves had escaped from, but they hope all have been captured and enjoyed their adventure throughout the town.