June land transfers


The following land transfers were recorded in the Radford Courthouse in June. The names of only one seller and one buyer are listed; there may be others.

• Dorsie S. MacLeod to Jerry W. Collins, 2 lots, $177,600

• Angela G. Hall to Bryce C. Short, lot, Wilson Heights, $106,000

• Katherine D. Colville Revocable to Joshua P. Miller, no description listed, $152,500

• Sara P. Rogers to Rachel A. Vance, no description listed, $126,000

• Daniel Woinski to Angela H. McCauley, no description listed, $194,000

• Katie Day Beamer to Timothy G. Lewellyn, lot, Azalea Place on Downey, $130,400

• Jennifer C. Mullins to Travis C. Lineberry, 0.7428 acre, $221,650

• Ronald S. Albright to Larry J. Reedy, lot, Cedar Ridge Townhomes, $180,000

• Raymond M. Blevins to James C. Butler, 2 lots, $69,500

• Keith L. Pattison to Andrew Maxwell, lots, $150,000

• James L. Thompson to Matthew T. Close, lots, $181,000

• Patricia Z. Monroe to Keith L. Pattison, lot, Haven Heights, $163,000

• Doris F. Hendrickson to Christopher Shorter, lot, $250,000

• Timothy W. Meyers to Joshua Corciak, lot, Seventh Street Subdivision, $189,900

• Darlene M. Lane to Elisabeth Pickelsimer, lot, College Park Townhomes, $163,500

• John H. Haley to Carl S. Lewis Jr., lot, Wilson Heights, $78,100

• Kristina B. Tapp to Phillip Tyler Hall, lot, Woodlawn, $136,000

• James M. Plott to Luke D. Hall, lot, College Park Townhomes, $171,000

• Howard W. Phillips II to Linda L. Mowry, no description listed, $285,000

• Jean M. Umberger to David J. Arndt, lot, Smithfield, $228,200

• James L. Ninnis to Thomas J. Czamanske, lot, $159,000

• Christopher S. Simpkins to Parker D. Sanders, lot, Douglas Park Addition, $152,000

• City of Radford to Mark R. Armentrout, no description listed, $6,790.50

• James Durham to Chas D. Cox, lot, College Park, $267,900

• Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Wells Fargo Bank, lot, Lynchburg Foundry Co., $96,600

• Matthew R. Pero to Danielle Nicole LeFew, lot, $99,500