Dalton Intermediate students learn career communication skills


Heather Bell

RADFORD – The eighth grade class at Dalton Intermediate recently learned valuable communication and interviewing skills to help them have a leg up in the job world.

The students were asked to wear business attire and gathered in the school cafeteria to sit down to lunch with members of the Radford Noon Rotary Club. A presentation by retired teacher and school board member Lee Slusher taught them job interviewing skills.

“We explore college and careers starting in seventh grade,”explained Dalton Guidance Counselor Suzanne Saunders. “The eighth grade luncheon is one way to continue teaching these skills. We discuss communication skills, dressing for success, manners, and etiquette through our career luncheon. We tie these skills into what is relatable for our eighth graders, such as interviewing for a part time job, attending a formal dance, going out on a date,or meeting the parent of your date.  “Practicing and developing these skills are vital to our students’ success,”she continued. “We hope with teaching these skills now it will help make our students productive members of our society.”

Saunders thanked the volunteers who came out to interact with the students.

“We would like to thank the professionals from Radford Noon Rotary Club who join us for our career luncheon,”she said.”Their presence helps set the stage for professionalism and they do a great job carrying on conversations with our students. We would like to thank Lee Slusher, our presenter, who explained soft skills and the importance of developing these.”