Contract extended at Radford ammo plant


Marty Gordon

BAE Systems, the current government contractor at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant, has been given a two-year extension $180 million contract for the facility. The U.S. Army Contract Command made the announcement earlier this week.

Justine Barati with the Public and Congressional Affairs for the Joint Munitions Command said the previous one-year contract with BAE for the operation of RFAAP expired Dec. 31, 2019.

“Awarding the new contract was necessary for continued operations. The Army and BAE team awarded the contract on schedule and smoothly transitioned operations into 2020,” she said.

The new contract governs operations for a two-year period and contains requirements to further improve RFAAP and shape a bright future for the facility.  It will ensure, according to Barati, a reliable supply of world class products in defense of our Nation.

Employment numbers at RFAAP vary depending on production and facility construction requirements but include dedicated workers of multiple disciplines and backgrounds who make RFAAP a success every day. An estimated 2,000 people are employed both on the government and private side of the facility.

The seven-acre manufacturing facility was established in the 1940s and serves as the only supplier of cellulose nitrate, which is the key component used to produce propellants, within North America.