Annual VT Halloween Book Hunt is this evening


The Halloween Book Hunt, a traditional event at Virginia Tech dating back to at least 2005, will be held Wednesday, Oct. 30, starting at 6:45

This totally different way of having fun for Halloween begins when books are hidden all over the VT campus. Each hunter will be given a map with the books’ locations along with hints/clues to find the books. When the hunter find a book, he or she is to rip the last page out and receive points based on the page number you have.

The first one to each point obviously receives the most points.The team (or individual) with the most points will be declared the winner.

Contestants in the hunt can choose their own mode of transportation, but it must be human-powered (e.g., walk/run, bike, skateboard, scooter). No motorized devices will be allowed.

The cost is $5 per map. All student teams are free.

Also, note it will be dark so hunters should wear visible clothing and/or lights so that drivers will see them while they are running/riding around. A headlamp and a ziploc bag for the map are highly recommended.

Costumes are encouraged and may be awarded bonus points at the race director’s discretion.

Teams are welcome but they must stay toether during the entire event. Individual participants are welcome as well.

The schedule is as follows: 6:45p.m.: A pre-race meeting in front of Squires Student Center (on College Ave); 6:55p.m.: Handing out of maps; 7:00p.n.: Beginning of the hunt; 8:15p.m.: End of the hunt.

Hunters must be back at Squires by 8:1 and will lose 100 points for each minute after 8:15 they are late. Points will be tallied immediately after everyone finishes and a winner will be declared.

The Halloween Book Hunt will be held rain or shine.