Reader concerned by the pharmacy system’s affect on small businesses


I read your “Pharmacy benefit managers and creeping drug prices” article with interest.  I am not a Davidson customer, but I have been a customer of Radford Drug.

I cannot speak highly enough about the staff and pharmacists at Radford Drug.

If my Facebook feed is any indication, a lot of other customers feel the same way.  I was disappointed recently to be “forced” to go back to CVS or pay out of pocket. This is due to an agreement with CVSCaremark and my husband’s employer.

I find it very disappointing to not be able to support a wonderful local business, but rather have to go to a chain where service is often inadequate.

I’m not sure what changes will be made on this, but I certainly look forward to them.   If I could afford it, I would be back at Radford Drug in a heartbeat.



Holly Moore