Congressional bill unfair to seniors


Most of us seniors are on limited income, some severely limited. There is an innocent sounding bill in congress called: “State Age Rating Flexibility Act of 2017,” which, if passed, would be a financial blow to seniors.

This bill allows insurers to charge seniors five times more then the same coverage costs others by adding an extra “age tax.” If the bill passes, AARP sponsored research indicates seniors who purchase individual policies would face steep increases, averaging more than $3,000 extra per year for the average 60-year-old.

I believe every citizen is entitled to excellent health care and also believe we need to reduce federal spending in all areas possible including health care.

Legislation permitting insurers to charge seniors five times more than others does NOT solve the problem. It only serves to increase profits on the backs of seniors.

In my opinion, solutions include legislation in the following areas: increasing the competition among all providers on level, well-lit playing fields; lowing prices of prescription drugs; improving care coordination and working harder to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.

Please oppose the “State Age Rating Flexibility Act of 2017.”

Ben Crawford,