Blacksburg man holds world record for boar kill


Marty Gordon

Larry Linkous shows off the tusks of the world record boar he killed in 2009. The tusks were measured at 47 11/16 inches in total. Photo by Marty Gordon

A Culpeper County teen has been in press all over the world with his recent kill of a 545 pound feral hog, commonly known as a boar. But it’s a Blacksburg businessman that has the world record for the largest boar killed.

Larry Linkous was recognized in 2010 for his rifle-kill of a wild boar in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee near Monterey. He attended an event in Las Vegas where he was honored by Safari Club International for the boar.

The tusks of the animal were measured and Linkous overtook the top mark.

The left tusk was measured at 20 9/16 inches long and the right was 20 14/16 inches. “You then add the circumcised of the two and it came to 47 11/16,” Linkous said.

The current second place is currently 35 4/16 inches.

Linkous’ boar was estimated to be over 450 pounds.

In addition to the top record, the boar was recognized as the number seven top kill of all species in that year (2009). The others included bear and elk.

“The Safari Club brought me to Las Vegas and presented me the award, and I got to show off the tusks and skull,” Linkous said.

But this record might not be the only one the Blacksburg man holds. He is headed to another convention this weekend with his second large boar also taken in Cumberland.

“I took this one with a bow, and I already have been told it is probably the ninth largest taken in the world and fifth by bow,” he said.

The second large boar was 500-plus pounds and was similar to the one taken recently in Culpepper.

Linkous, an auctioneer by trade, started hunting when he was 12 years old and has now put over 50 years into the sport. He has two rooms of exotic animals he has bagged from around the country, and also has an African room full of animals from that country. He is planning a trip to New Zealand in March for a chance at Red Stag.

“I enjoy the sport and will keep doing it as long as I able to do so,” he said Sunday.

He will find out Saturday if he is a second record holder for boar-kills.